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Reclaiming Eden Book 


Main Idea: At the right time, The King of Eden came

  • The “Good News” – The time has come at last, The King is here to unleash Eden!

Mark 1:14-15

Sub Point 1: We wrecked everything beyond “self-help”

  • We need a supernatural rescue (Genesis 1-11)
Sub Point 2: A coming arrival was initiated and announced
  • God selected a people group to carry the seed of the King of Eden (The story of the Old Testament)
SubPoint 3: Only Jesus can pull us out
  • Jesus came not just to give us the opportunity to attempt morality, He gives us freedom from supernatural slavery

Galatians 3:26-4:12

Life Change Challenge: Let go of everything that is holding you back and latch on to Jesus like your life depends on it
  • Because it does

I hear the Holy Spirit saying…

I live this truth out by…

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