Position Info

Set Up – Being part of the set up crew involves team and communication skills as well as some physical demands. A volunteer would need to arrive at 2 p.m. Sundays and be in a condition to work. At 4:30, they are invited to pray with the others and join the gathering at 4:45. The set up job involves setting up tables and chairs, putting up signs inside as well as outside, hauling things in from the trailer, etc. Some requirements would be: a volunteer needs to be able to lift at least 25 lbs, they need to interact well with other members of the set up crew, and they have to be willing to do any part of the set up.
Door Greeters – Being a greeter involves waiting outside the doors and greeting all those who walk by and welcoming them into the building and inviting them to church. Any volunteer is welcome at 2 to help with set up and is invited to pray with the others at 4:30. They need to be at the door and ready to greet at 4:45 p.m.. A volunteer that wants to be a greeter has to be outgoing and willing to start conversations with people. A requirement to be a greeter would be that the volunteer needs to be friendly and approachable to all. 
Guest Hub – Those who want to be a host at the Guest Hub need to understand the flow of the church, or be willing to listen and work with someone that does. The volunteers need to arrive before 4 p.m. to set up the table with all of the supplies but they are welcome at 2 to help with overall set up. At 4:30 the volunteer is expected to join in prayer with the others and the guest hub needs to be ready at that time. When prayer is done, the host should be prepared to greet and help guests with any questions they may have. Volunteers need to be friendly and the table needs to be accessible for all.
Food – Volunteers that wish to help with food need to have good hygiene practices as well as be a warm and hospitable host. A volunteer is welcome to help set up at 2 but would need to arrive before 4 p.m. to set up the table and prepare the food and drinks for the evening. The refreshments need to be set up and ready to go by 4:30 and the volunteer is welcome to join in prayer time with the others.The job involves getting the hot water and coffee pots set up and ready to serve, preparing the food in a neat and formal manner, and staying at the table during the gathering until cleaning up and putting away the food and supplies. 
Kids Ministry – For the volunteers that want to work with kids, they need to be willing to teach the kids and interact with them during the gathering. A volunteer must be able to pass a background check and go through training on working with children. Lesson prep each week will be required. Set up may start anytime after 2 p.m. each Sunday but must be completed before 4:30 prayer time. If you are interested in serving in this area, we will gladly share with you everything needed. 
Audio/Video/Tech – Volunteers that want to help with the A/V team need to be technologically advanced and have a firm understanding of the systems. The audio and video volunteers are welcome to come and help set up at 2, but need to be ready to assist worship practice at 3 p.m. to get the set list correct and to have a full understanding of what is needed from them for the gathering. At 4:30 they are expected to join the prayer time with others and be ready to go by 4:45. The volunteers need to stay at the tech table during the gathering and be constantly attentive to the audio and video of the gathering. 
Photographer – Being a photographer involves taking pictures of different aspects of the gathering before, during, and after. The volunteer is welcome to arrive at 2 to help with set up and is invited to the prayer time with others at 4:30. The must be ready to start taking pictures at 4:45 p.m. Some examples of what pictures are needed are: other volunteers smiling and working with guests, Jon preaching and/or talking to the audience, the worship team performing, etc. A requirement to be a photographer would be the volunteer needs to have a phone that takes pictures and a good eye for quality shots. 
Prayer Station – Those who wish to work at the Prayer Station need to be willing to pray with and for others and to be a listening ear for those who need someone to talk to. All volunteers are welcome at 2 to help with the set up and are expected to be at prayer time at 4:30 p.m. with the others. At 4:45 the volunteer needs to be at the station and ready to go. Anyone that works at the station needs to stay there throughout the gathering and remain there for a while afterwards. 
Worship Team /Music – Anyone that wishes to be on the worship team has to be a good listener and have good communication skills with the other players and the ones working on the A/V Team. Volunteers are welcome at 2 to help with overall set up but need to be set up and ready to practice before 3 p.m. Instruments need to be tuned and voices need to be warmed up before that time. At 4:30 all volunteers are invited to join in prayer time with the others. The placement of a volunteer will be assigned by the worship director. The team members need to be ready at different times throughout the service to play the songs that are scheduled. 
Tear Down – Being part of the tear down crew is similar to being part of the set up team. The volunteers need to listen and learn from experienced volunteers and they need to be willing to do what is asked of them. A requirement for a tear down volunteer is that they have to be able to lift at least 25lbs. The tear down crew takes down tables, chairs, signs, and anything else that was set up before the beginning of the service and puts the items away in the respectable area. Volunteers need to stay after the service to help clean and tear down. 
Hosting Grow Groups – If a volunteer wishes to host a grow group they need to attend and be in, but do not need to lead, the group at their house. Volunteers must have a clean and organized area in their home to host the group; the amount of members usually range from 12-14 people per group. Date and times of Grow Groups will depend on many factors; volunteers should watch for info about the groups during the announcement time before the gathering or they can ask Pastor Jon at a responsible time