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Renewal MB Church is a NEW and growing outreach focused church in Rapid City, SD. We meet at the 30 Knollwood Drive @ 5pm on Sundays. Our Gatherings are pretty laid back and very organic.
At Renewal, we are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and believe it is the only thing that has the power to truly transform our lives from brokenness to healing.
We are a church for skeptics.
We do not exist just to “be another church, doing churchy stuff”. There are plenty of those.  We seek out and welcome doubters and unchurched people because we believe they are valuable!
We want you to join us, especially if you are not sure about this “God thing”.
Come join us in the conversation.
What is the teaching like?
Our Pastor, Jon Fiester, loves to teach in an understandable and practical way. It is interactive and engaging. We discuss how the Bible is living and still relevant in a modern world with the power to transform us. For those who like “big terms”, it is expositional while staying very applicable. The point of the biblical text is the point of the sermon. Click here for past sermons
Gather | Grow | Give
Gather is where we come together to seek and celebrate the Gospel in the presence of Jesus.
Grow is where connection and community are developed in Grow Groups
Give is where we express God’s love by selflessly serving our world.

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We meet Sundays @ 5pm at 30 Knollwood Drive

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