(A journal system to know Jesus better)

Spending time with God and reading the Bible is the best way to grow in our faith. This system is a tool to help you learn and hear from God through His Word.
Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you.
Read the passages for the day.
Write down what God has taught you in your journal indicating the date and reference.
S – Scripture. Write out the verse or verses that spoke to you.
H – Hear. Listen for God speaking to you about these verses. Write what you hear God say to you in His voice
or draw the picture God brings to your mind.
A – Apply. Write how you will apply what God has said today. Be specific about what you are going to do differently because of what you have learned today.
P – Pray. Write out a prayer you want to say to God.
E – Exalt. Express your thankfulness to God.
We also encourage you to keep a list of prayer requests and answers. Be sure to include the dates of the request and God’s answer!

August Reading Schedule

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