1 Corinthians 12-14 Colossians 4:12-13

Main Idea: God gifts each of us so we can help each other walk in the presence of the Holy Spirit


Point 1: God gifts us with the Holy Spirit because He loves us


Point 2: God equips His church so we can minister to each other


Purpose of manifestation giftsso we can help each other walk in the visible presence of the Holy Spirit

  • Prophesy: The ability to speak the message of God to others. This sometimes involves foresight or visions of what is to come. Insite that could not come from outside knowledge. This skill should be used only to offer encouragement or warning.
  • Discernment of spirits: The wisdom to recognize truth from untruth by correctly evaluating whether a behavior or teaching is from God or another, ungodly source. Also, can have a God-given insight into what is happening in the spiritual realm.
  • Tounges: The supernatural ability to speak in another language (one that has not been learned). Both earthly and heavenly languages.
  • Interpretation: The ability to translate the unknown language into the language of the hearers. The gift of interpreting tongues is a separate gift from tounges but it is used in conjunction with the gift of speaking in tongues.
  • Intercession (Colossians 1:9-12, 4:12-13; James 5:14-16): The gift of intercession is the divine strength or ability to stand in the gap in prayer for someone, something, or someplace, believing for profound results.


Point 3: God wants us to experience glimpses of Kingdom beauty now


Life Change Challenge: Allow God to bless you with His good gifts

Spiritual Gifts Test 


I hear the Holy Spirit saying…

I live this truth out by…


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