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Reclaiming Eden Book 


Main Idea: We all must make a choice about our allegiance

Sub Point 1: Not serving YHWH is to actively serve other gods
  • Being in proximity to the work and people of YHWH does not mean you have chosen YHWH
  • Saying “yes” to YHWH means saying “no” to the other gods
Sub Point 2: Count the Cost
  • You can make a conscious choice or an unconscious choice, but you can’t unconsciously choose life
SubPoint 3: Jesus empowers us to be faithful
  • We can’t serve God on our own
  • Jesus enables us to come into the presence of YHWH
  • The voice of the Holy Spirt leads us if we listen
  • Being part of a church strengthens us
Life Change Challenge: Choose wisely and then live it

I hear the Holy Spirit saying…

I live this truth out by…

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